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The steel plate forming the stringboard of the stairs opens a gap between the interior and the original structure by Atelier Général

Faux Wood Carriage Garage Door Tutorial

We don’t want the exterior of your home to feel left out of #ShutTheFrontDoorDIY week — doors of all sizes, shapes, and colors deserve to be amazing! Larissa is here with an awesome garage door update, and don’t forget to come tell us a joke for a chance to win, plus link up your projects […]

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Love Your Home Challenge {& Book Release Day!}

Love your Home Challenge - from the new book Love the Home You Have by Melissa of The Inspired RoomThe day has arrived!! Welcome to the online launch party for Love the Home You Have! As of today, Love the Home You Have is officially released into the world! :) HOORAY! I can’t believe it’s been TWO whole YEARS since I came up with the proposed title and created the outline for this book. It’s been a big […]

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5 Reasons to Install a Hot Water Dispenser

The world we live in is instantaneous. With an instant hot water dispenser you can bring your coffee, tea, instant soup, and other hot foods and beverages up to speed with boiling water at the push of a button.   … Continued

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35 DIY Barn Doors + Rolling Door Hardware Ideas

Barn-Style Doors You Can Build Any kind of door can be put on a track and/or casters to make it a rolling or sliding version, so if you have an old door hanging around, all you’ll need is hardware! No door? You’re a Remodelaholic — build one! Styles range from easy to more advanced, and the […]

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~love your home challenge~


Do you all know Melissa from The Inspired Room? Well, I was invited to complete a simple Love Your Home Challenge inspired by her new book Love The Home You Have written by her!

This book is fabulous.
It really hit home for me, everything she shared about her experiences being a homeowner and trying to keep up with the Jones'

If you would like a copy for yourself you can buy one on Amazon here.

This book will teach you how to transform your rooms (and your life) from plainly livable to fabulously lovable.

So, the challenge was, for me {and other fabulous bloggers}
to transform one space from ordinary to extraordinary, in a very simple way.

I chose to do an exterior space.
After a long winter, everything outside starts to look plain and drab. Not much color, plants have no leaves, and while the sun is starting to show it's face, there is still not a lot of excitement going on.

Our steps leading to our deck were feeling very plain and overlooked.
After sweeping off the stairs and doing a little weeding, I planted a couple vintage olive baskets with fresh flowers.
Just raking the dirt made everything come to life!

I also made a sign out of a old piece of wood I had, using simple letters I painted.
{come back Thursday to see the tutorial and to get details}

A couple hours on a sunny afternoon made all the difference.
This space makes me smile now when I pull up into our driveway.

Go here for the full list of participants.
Have a great day!

Lunes, Marso 30, 2015

100+ Ways to Use Old Doors

Door Headboards A really great option is to turn those salvaged doors into a headboard! Here are a bunch of headboards we found repurposed from old doors. You can see more upcycled headboards here and DIY headboards here. Home Made by Carmona shared this one with us — such a glamorous look and easy to […]

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Folded steel multi directional white staircase with interesting contrasting wall for Ogilvy HQ in Cape Town South Africa

How to Build a Wood Chevron Barn Door

Kicking off our Shut The Front Door DIY event… we have an amazing DIYer named Emily, who we found over on Instagram when she used our #imaremodelaholic tag. This chevron barn door that she built is so gorgeous, and Emily is here with the details on how to build it, and our beloved Amy has some […]

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3 lights art installation

Welcome to the #ShutTheFrontDoorDIY Party!

Welcome to the best week in DIYing door history! Occasionally, we get a a little crazy and give you about a month’s worth of new tutorials and information in just ONE week. Yes, 20+ new posts, 1 week. We did it with Headboard Week, and we did it again with All Things Windows, and we’re here to do […]

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~table turned dog kennel~

If you are a dog lover like me, you like to make comfy little spots for your pets to sleep.
One of our labs sleeps peacefully on a bed in our room, but the other is a puppy and he would be running laps around the house and chewing everything up if we let him be on the loose at night.
So, at night time, he goes into his crate.
You know, those black wire ones that you can bring in your car, etc.
Well, lets just say after a year I was tired of looking at the metal dog crate in our living room and decided to finally do something about it.

Here is how I turned our console table into a little dog kennel for the puppy.
I removed the door from the wire crate and attached it to one end of the table.
My husband rigged up a latch to keep it shut.

Then, in order to avoid the back of our couch getting dirty, and also from Oakley sticking his tongue in the electrical outlet, I nailed up 1x8 pieces of pine on the other 3 sides.

It's the perfect size for him and he loves it!

After I finished I remembered that I had ordered this name tag from Pottery Barn,
{no longer available}
and was able to use some strong adhesive glue to add it to the front.

The best part, you would never even know it's there!

I love functional practical ideas!

A Forever House {The Tale of a Telescope}

Wood and Brass Telescope - The Inspired RoomI‘ve always had a dream to live in forever house. But that desire was often in conflict with my dreams to find the perfect house first. I’m a crazy house lover, you probably have gathered that by now. A few months ago, my parents sold our family beach house. It was in our family for most of my kids’ lives and we […]

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World Water Day: practicing water efficiency in your home and garden

bathroom water

World Water Day is March 22nd. In honour of good old H2O, we’re providing ways to be more water efficient throughout the year. Practicing water efficiency not only serves a positive environmental purpose, but will also save you money. So … Continued

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Nursery Plans and Favorite Baby Products

Margot just hit the two-month mark and has started sleeping mostly through the night (bless that sweet angel!), which means it's really time to get going on a nursery! Cribs have come SO far since my last baby. Really, there was only the Ouef wren crib that was cool and modern back then, and it was stratospherically out of my grad school budget! I went with a $20 Jenny Lind crib from Craigslist instead and give it a fresh coat of mint green paint. I still love the classic Jenny Lind style, but it's fun that there are so many different crib designs available now! Some are still very pricey, but there are a lot of mid-range options that are total show-stoppers.

 photo bb31cd998ff93329c7408bc2cba6823e.jpg

We've been having Margot sleep in our room next to our bed - sometimes in that cute bassinet I posted about, but honestly, it's usually in this little Rock N Play seat thing. It's not the cutest baby product in the world, but it has about a million five-star reviews on Amazon, so I had to try it for myself. And, WOW, it is like the holy grail of baby swings/bouncers/bassinets. It plugs into the wall and rocks itself for up to six hours. And it has a built-in white noise player! The seat hugs her little body and keeps Margot feeling tucked in and secure. And the angle of the back is perfect for babies that spit up - a new and not so fun experience for us!

 photo rocknplay.jpg

It folds up easily for travel and just for moving it around the house. I bring it upstairs to the studio often so Margot can sleep nearby while I'm working. It's awesome for naps, but I think she'll be happier to have a crib soon and a quiet, dark space to sleep in at nights.

 photo IMG_9122.jpg

The playroom is going to be Margot's room since its next to our bedroom. There's a closet in there that is big enough for a crib and a small dresser.

 photo IMG_3674.jpg

 photo IMG_3702.jpg

 photo IMG_3687.jpg

We're thinking of turning it into her (tiny!) nursery and that way we don't have to do much rearranging in the playroom.

 photo IMG_6804.jpg

We started taking down the (old and cheap) shelving, which has opened up the space so much already.

 photo IMG_7950.jpg

I'd love to do some sort of fun wall treatment in here, but I need to find something that would work with the bird wallpaper I have in the playroom on the ceiling.

 photo 28.jpg

Maybe some cool ikat upholstered walls like my friend did here?

 photo DSC_0037.jpg

And if I can find a lighter, neutral ikat, I'd love to paint my Draper dresser a fun color and throw a cute stripey changing pad on top.

I'm thinking the white Dwell Studio Mid-century crib would be fabulous in this small space. I love that it feels like a beautiful piece of furniture instead of a giant prison crate. :)

 photo Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 9.15.23 PM.png

But it's also nice that there are a ton of other crib options that aren't as much of an investment. I really like all of these.

 photo Cribs.jpg
1 // 2 // 3

I'm sort of leaning toward this one though, crate similarities and all. It's a new line from Fisher-Price (who actually also makes that Rock N Play that I'm so in love with??) and it's less than $250! I love the simple, clean lines. And I really like the warm gray color. So many of the gray cribs seem really blue.

 photo Fisher-Price-Furniture-Riley-Island-3-in-1-Convertible-Crib_1.jpg

I'd love recommendations on other cribs too, if you have a good one! We had to completely start from scratch with baby gear and I've been out of the baby mindset for so long now that I've had to rely on friends' suggestions for practically all of our purchases.

 photo stroller.jpg

We splurged on some things (like a pretty car seat and stroller) and have tried to save other places - like in the clothes department. I've finally learned my lesson there and stopped buying a million outfits. Baby clothes are crazy expensive and really, babies are happiest in soft sleepers for the first few months anyway, right? I've found a few reliable lines that I know I'll keep coming back to as Margot is growing. They look cute, we only need a few of them to have in rotation, and I know she is comfortable.

 photo Layette.jpg
1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8

Also, this line of super-soft head wraps is adorable and makes me feel just a tiny bit less lazy for dressing my baby in mostly pajamas. :)

 photo headwraps.jpg

 photo Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 12.34.09 AM.png

And just for kicks, here are a couple more of my favorite baby products, some newer to me and some tried-and-true. What am I missing here that you love?

 photo baby.jpg
Organic unbleached ivory muslin swaddle blankets that are more beautiful with every wash // Make your baby smell like a French baby // The only socks that actually fit a newborn's feet // Wipes warmer (SO WORTH IT) // Adorable fox burp cloths that will get a million compliments every time you are out // Great and affordable baby monitor that doubles as a walkie-talkie (!) // The cutest kitty lovey around // If it's possible for a pacifier to be pretty, this natural rubber one is it! Also totally recommend this tutorial for a DIY paci holder.


Eén van de meest ondergewaardeerde accessoires, bij het bekleden van een ruimte, is de plint. Hoe eenvoudig deze ook mag lijken, met uw keuze van plinten, kan u veel bijbrengen aan uw kamers of de aanblik en duurzaamheid ervan net teniet doen. Wanneer u kiest voor een parket- of laminaatvloer, zijn houten plinten sowieso de juiste keuze, maar toch zijn er nog enkele zaken waarmee u verder rekening dient te houden.

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