Huwebes, Abril 30, 2015

DIY Reclaimed Wood Longitude-Latitude Sign

Hey Remodelaholics! Today I’m sharing a quick and simple project, which is the name of the game around Everyday Enchanting these days! Since my previous post we welcomed a baby girl, so I don’t have as much time for big projects like I used to- but I still enjoying making things for our home.I am […]

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In caged

10 Minute Tasks for An Organized Closet

Tips for an organized closetBHG Do you wish your clothes closet was better organized, but you keep putting that project off until you have enough time to think about it? An organized closet can give you a better start to your day, save you time, and make you feel better about yourself and your home – it’s definitely worth the […]

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~Maxx motherhood~

My life wouldn't be the same without these two.
I love these kiddos and how much they make me smile.
I love spending time with them and watching them grow and learn.
One of my favorite things to do with them is to hang out in the kitchen and bake.
We all love cooking and creating meals for family and friends.

I was challenged by TJ Maxx to see how I "Maxx Motherhood"
Seeing as how we spend so much time in the kitchen, I headed down there to pick up a few new things for the kitchen.
TJ Maxx is the best place to pick up huge glass jars with lids.
They are by far the most inexpensive place to buy them.
I picked up a few really big ones to corral snacks on the counter, and of course, I needed a new candle to go there as well.
Keeping healthy snacks handy
{don't look at the cookies above}
makes me feel good and the kids can just grab them as they pass through the kitchen.

I also picked up this tall glass jar with no lid and placed a battery operated candle in it.
It's on a timer and comes on when it gets dark for 4 hours.
TJ Maxx is also the cheapest place to get these candles.

If love picking up various white dishes there too.
I got this one and placed a faux orchid in it.
Then I just added spanish moss all around the top.
I also picked up this clock.
I don't think anything I have showed you so far was over $14.99.

Oh Murchison Hume, how I love you.
Although I got all this online, if you are lucky you can sometimes find them at TJ Maxx and Marshalls.
Scoop them up fast if you see them, they go fast!

More white dishes from, you guessed it, TJ Maxx!
You seriously cannot beat their prices!

And because I am sharing my new kitchen goodies with you, I wanted to show you my "new" rug that I got for, wait for it, $1.00 at a church rummage sale!
Originally I was going to make pillows with it, but I think I love it here.

Well, now that the kitchen is clean and clutter free, I think I am off to enjoy some of those chocolate chip cookies sitting on the counter!


Miyerkules, Abril 29, 2015

Contrasting cantilever

Cantilever staircase with exciting contrasting dark oak treads and white plastered wall

~tie dye napkins~

Here's a fun project to do with the kids even.
Cody and I {our 12 year old son}
made these napkins on a whim and I love how they turned out.

We used navy blue to go with the new chair slips.

There is very simple instructions on the back of the container.

We used some cream colored cloth napkins we had on hand for this.
We tied them up with rubber bands and string for a random look.
They washed and dried beautifully.

Is tie dye coming back or am I just reliving my childhood here?
Whichever it is, it was a fun project to do with Cody.

Build An Easy Patio Set with Benches and a Coffee Table

Hello fabulous readers at Remodelaholic! Thank you to all of you and Cassity for having me here today! It’s Ananda from A Piece of Rainbow . Remember the Easy Barn Wood Frame from An Old Picture Frame we made? Today we are having woodworking fun again! We are building a super easy patio set inspired by […]

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Townhouse Update {New Coffee Cart}

Coffee cart copyIt’s Kylee here today to share with you another update from my townhouse! The last time I showed you my coffee station, it was set up on a wine rack. That was probably one of the first things we did when we moved in. How else would we have survived unpacking without coffee?! It was cute […]

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Shed vs. Summerhouse


The garden shed was, until recently, a standard feature of any garden worth its salt. Larger gardens may have featured a greenhouse as well, but the shed was the workhorse that we all needed. It can function as a workspace … Continued

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Martes, Abril 28, 2015

Design Mom's Book Tour Party

Gabrielle Blair of Design Mom fame is one of the most amazing women I know. She is brilliant, kind, funny and so creative. And she has six awesome kids! She may or may not have figured out how to get 32 hours into a day - I don't know how she does it all. She is a huge inspiration for me.

 photo unnamed 2.jpg

Gabrielle's brand new book shares her best tips for living with kids. It has become a fast favorite. (That cover!! Major heart eyes.) And check out page 224 for a space that might look familiar to you. :)

Gabby's book tour is headed to Phoenix this week and I'm helping her host a little party Wednesday, April 29 at Changing Hands bookstore in Tempe. Party starts at 7:00 pm! Please come!

Introducing… a Brand-New Quality Bath!

You may have tried out the beta version, but now the real thing is here to stay. We at Quality Bath are excited and proud to unveil our newly revamped website, designed to serve you better than ever before. Quality … Continued

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A huge staircase

Kengo Kuma uses a grand staircase to transform a Tokyo warehouse into a shop . A huge staircase interspersed with trees winds up to the entrance of this former Tokyo warehouse that Kengo Kuma and Associates has converted into a lifestyle store and cafe via Dezeen

Free Printable: Elephant Art Prints

Hello again! It’s Courtney from Paperelli. I love coming to Remodelaholic to share printables with all of you. Remember last week when I was here sharing this Mother’s Day Printable with you? I am back again with another 8×10″ Art Print that I hope you will LOVE just as much as I do. Lately I have […]

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$500 Gift Card Package Giveaway for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is fast approaching. Sometimes it can be hard to find the perfect gift for Mom, and the other mother figures and awesome women in your life. A woman doesn’t have to be a mother to have a great impact on others. So today we want to celebrate all women who nurture, care for […]

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10 Habits of People With Organized Houses

10 Habits of People With Organized HousesBHG Do you ever wonder how organized people keep their homes in order? I always love reading about the daily routines and habits of others and shared several of my own in Love The Home You Have. Lately I’ve been doing some thinking about what habits are helpful or necessary, particularly in home organization. Here’s what I came up with! […]

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~meet Annie~{and tour her home}

I want you all to see my friend Annie's home.
Annie and her husband Rusty have one daughter who is 20 and away at college.
Check out their gorgeous rambler that happens to border my parents property, where I grew up.

I remember going to this house when I was little to visit the previous owners who were elderly at that time. Since then it has been totally gutted and doesn't even look like the same house.
I didn't know I was going to be taking pictures when I went over there, so please pardon the camera photos.

When you first walk in the double glass entry doors you see this sunken living room:

The house has a open floor plan for the most part. Here is the informal dining room:

The shelving in the dining room:

A peek into the kitchen to the entry:


The master bedroom:

And finally, the exterior which has a huge perfectly manicured yard:
{you can see my parents garage in the back}

The front of the house.
These pictures from my phone do not do it justice.
They have a huge circular gravel driveway and there is boxwood gardens all around.

The garage with climbing roses.

I hope you enjoyed the tour!
Thanks to Annie and Rusty for letting me break into their house and take these :)