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The Inspired Room Book Tour {Bloggers’ Favorite Rooms!}

Blogger Inspired Room Tours - The Inspired RoomFriends, I’m pretty excited to have the opportunity to do something fun here on The Inspired Room. I’ve been blogging for over eight years now and every year I meet the most delightful friends. You would think that it might be risky to make friends on the internet, but much to my surprise I have yet […]

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6 Furniture Makeovers (Friday Features + Link Party)

Happy Friday! Hope it’s been a great week for you — and Happy Halloween! This week we’re featuring some great furniture makeovers — be sure to share yours at the party or send your pics to us over on Facebook so we can show yours off, too!

Great furniture makeovers and upcycles @Remodelaholic

6 Furniture Makeovers

Thirty Eighth Street did a great job on this console! Love the color.

blue console makeover Thirty Eighth Street

Beautiful chalk painted dresser makeover at Mr Wilson and Me

chalk painted dresser makeover Mr Wilson and Me

Create and Babble had a desk — but needed an island. No problemo!

desk into kitchen island Create and Babble

This piece wasn’t really jiving with DIY Passion‘s style, so it got a beachy blue makeover!

Beach Inspired Media Console

Suzy at Simply Vintageous made this rocking chair like new for her grandbaby — way to go, gramma!

before and after rocking chair makeover Simply Vintageous

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Kitchen island alternatives for when you’re short on space

worktop extender

If you’ve got your heart set on an island workstation but the space in your kitchen is lacking, there are plenty of ways to add extra worktop room or a place for casual meals. Here are just a few ideas:

Put in a peninsula

When creating more floorspace for an island isn’t an option, peninsulas are a go-to alternative. They’re usually an extension of your worktop that’s only partially attached to the wall, with the rest surrounded by a ‘sea’ of flooring. Peninsula worktops can either be supported by a leg below to form a breakfast bar with legroom or have base cabinets underneath for additional storage. As well as being a place to enjoy casual meals, a peninsula will help to close off the working area of your kitchen visually, meaning that children and guests are less likely to wander in when you’re busy cooking, plus it can help disguise structural features, such as supporting pillars. This type of seating area is also ideal for kids to sit at while they’re doing their homework so you can keep an eye on them while dinner is on the go.


Image source: SieMatic kitchen supplied by Rencraft

Time for a table

They may seem like more of a retro choice but kitchen tables still have a lot going for them if you choose ones with useful features. Tables that extend to accommodate more guests before shrinking back to a compact size when you’re cooking are a good option as are bijou café-style folding tables that can be used for relaxed Sunday brunches as well as more surface space when it’s required. Even a static table can be a useful addition and may also be better for your budget if you don’t need the storage space of an island below.

kitchen table design

Image source: Ikea

Buy a butcher’s block

Perfect for all your prep work yet petite in size, a butcher’s block has remained a kitchen favourite since the 1800s thanks to its versatility. Choose one on castors and it can be whizzed out of the way when you need more floor area while even styles on legs can be moved around the room to make your layout serve different purposes. Many include shelves below the chopping block on top, while others have drawers, baskets, wine racks, such as this Cook’s Companion, and knife storage to boot, making it a one-stop shop for all your food prep. Help a butcher’s block fit into your kitchen scheme by painting it the same shade as your units or make it stand out by finishing it in a contrasting colour.

pink butchers block

Image source: Harvey Jones

Pull-out prep space

There are definitely times in the kitchen when you want an extra run of worktop – and times when you don’t. A pull-up or pull-out section of surface is a smart idea – folding away neatly when it isn’t needed. Try a cabinet-style solution that matches your kitchen and it’ll also double as easily accessible storage. This Worktop Plus unit has been mounted on wheels, so it’s even easier to pull out in an instant when you’re unloading shopping, need more room for baking or are catering for a crowd.

worktop extender

Image source: Magnet

Thinking of designing or installing a kitchen? Let us help you find a kitchen specialist.

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~a modern farmhouse~

I stumbled across this farmhouse tour here and fell in love.
It turns out this home is close to where I live.
I'd die to be able to see it in person.
For the full tour click here.


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Customize Your Home with Furniture Style Pieces

If you’ve ever decorated a home in any capacity, you’ve likely agonized over the style of your furnishings. Furniture style is a huge factor in determining the overall style of your home, and there are just enough options to boggle … Continued

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New House Moving Tips

I feel like the nitty gritty of home ownership gets overlooked round here, because it isn’t a “tutorial”. So, today I am writing about one of the basics of home ownership, how to face a “new” house with moving tips you need before you move in.

Many of us have moved into a new “to us”, (in other words, “old”) house.  Be it a rental, or a purchase, doesn’t matter, but it can be REALLY daunting about what to try and get done before moving in.   So, I wanted to share what we usually do.

Here are 5 things I do when I move into a house, no fail-

moving tips for new homeowners or when moving into a new house

5 Moving Tips; What to do before moving in!

Kill the bugs.  ALL The BUGS!

Wow, I don’t mean to sound psycho, but I don’t like bugs in my house.  I try to keep my girls from hurting bugs outside.  I think (*unless you are a black widow or a hornet or a wasp) you *mostly have a right to live outside in my yard.  (I shudder just thinking about this! Yuck!)  Once you (meaning a bug) get into my house, you have forfeited your right to life.  I just can’t relax in a place with bugs!

Okay, so you understand, I am not a fan of bugs, and if the house has been around for a while, I really like to make sure it is cleaned up before I move in or bring my stuff in.  There is a new product that not only kills bugs, but kills germs too, Hot Shot® Ant and Roach plus Germ Killer.  I love that you can kill the bugs and the germs in one shot.  Follow all the instructions on the can.  Follow the directions, spray doors and window frames, or any existing trails to help get rid of ants.  Also, I would at least spray along the bottom of baseboards, where the floor meets the baseboard, (and bugs like to hide!)  around and beneath appliances in a kitchen, beneath sinks and behind toilets.  The good news is you’ve killed germs and ants or roaches in one shot!

moving into a new house tips by @remodelaholic (6 of 10)

 Clean The Stuff….

Moving into a house is exhausting.  I feel like if you can clean the space BEFORE moving in, you will help yourself feel more comfortable about relaxing in the space.

I am NOT a clean freak guys, but I can tolerate my germs better than other people’s left behind germs.  And sorry but on a new (old) house, I like REALLY disinfecting things.  Remember to truly disinfect, you need to allow cleaning products to sit for 10 minutes and do their job before wiping off.

If doing this yourself is too daunting or maybe it is too scary, consider hiring a service to come and clean.

If the home has carpets, and they are not being replaced, now ts the time to get them cleaned.  Don’t skimp on this one, find the best service out there.  When we moved into our last house there were a couple stains on the carpets.  We got a deal on getting them cleaned, BUT they actually made the stains BIGGER!  I din’t’ realize that could happen, I also didn’t think the stains could come out.  A couple years later, when I paid to have another company I trusted come out, guess what, they removed the stains all together… I wish I had just spent the $30 difference the first time around.

And did you know that some companies offer a tile cleaning service.  Again in our last house, the tile was SO gross I just couldn’t face it.  We had them high power clean it for us and got it squeeky clean.  Worth every penny!

Woman doing chores in bathroom, cleaning tap

Plug in Air Fresheners

Okay so this may just be me, but I really like my home to smell like MY house.  One of the first things I do is buy a set of air fresheners in a scent I really like. Plug them in throughout your house, or you can diffuse essential oils to help the space smell good and like home.  This is probably the easiest thing I do.  So definitely do this!

Set up a Place to Relax

Moving is SO tiring!  So set up a place to sit and relax.  There is NOTHING harder than moving a million boxes or unpacking a million boxes and then having to sit on the floor and not feel comfortable.  Even a few camping chairs helps.

On the day of the move, if at all possible, set up your bed first thing.  Make it nicely with fresh sheets and lots of pillows so you can crash on it at the end of the day and don’t have to make beds after an exhausting day!  (this one takes a bit of forethought when packing up the last house.  So be sure you put some clean sheets aside so that you know where everything is.


Change the Locks

If at all possible, change all the locks right away.  There is nothing like the peace of mind that changing the locks gives.

Let me tell you a personal story… I will be honest, we didn’t do that right away with one of my houses.  Well, about 3 months later some large, gruff, random man knocks on my door and hands me a key to MY house…. What the what?  Apparently the family selling the home, had a little disagreement about who was buying the house, and one sibling didn’t return the key when they were supposed to, and had access to my house for 3 months…

Close up side view female hand inserting key in door

Learn from my mistake people, change the locks, ASAP!  You don’t know what neighbor has a spare key to your house… just change the locks.  Just do it! Yikes!

A few other great ideas…

  • Add organizing systems to closets- now is the time people!  Before packing them full of stuff!
  • Paint- if at all possible!  A clean coat of paint helps you appreciate a new house, without needing to remodel right away… something to consider!
  • Set up utilities ASAP (This is sort of a no brainer! But ya know it is important!)
  • New switch plates on lights, and plugs.  A relatively inexpensive project for a nice clean look!
  • Have the mechanical systems serviced!  Heaters checked for cracks!  Have the ducts vacuumed out!  Change the air filter in your HVAC system, nice clean air quality!
  • Replace batteries on all smoke detectors.
  • Install a Carbon monoxide detector
  • Clean the windows
  • Have the fireplace flew swept!
  • Install blinds if needed!

What great moving tips do you have to share?  I want to hear your tricks and tips!  Tell us in the comments!!

*This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Hot Shot® Insecticides.  All opinions are my own.

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16th Avenue Tiled Steps

16th Avenue Tiled Steps, San Francisco

~week 4 one room challenge~

Yikes, 2 weeks left and a lot to do.

Let's recap where we are so far:

The start of our basement which is getting turned into a giant mud room and a place for all our sports equipment.

So week 1 was all about the inspiration.

Week 2 was all about product selection.

Week 3 I made a little progress in the turning the closet into a reading nook. I also planked half of the walls and the stairwell as well as add a rug runner.

Now we are on week 4 and there is lots to do. Here is what I accomplished this past week.
I added books to the reading area, and got the bench top made to accommodate the new cushion from Tonic Living.
I also hung two lights to either side of the nook. I love this area so much better now.
Turning closets into nooks is one of my favorite things to do.

Now for the not so pretty side of the room.
Brace yourselves…..

The plan for next week is to finish planking the walls and paint them.
To the right of the French doors there is an under the stairs alcove.
It will serve as a large "dog kennel" if you will.
I am having a custom gate made for it and the plan was to wallpaper it, but after finding out the wallpaper would be almost $400.00, I will be planking it too.

I need to clean out the large walk in closet and add shelving for sports equipment, I know I keep saying this, but we have a ton of gear.

I will be painting the doors black and my husband is supposed to be building me some cubbies on top of the cabinets.

In the end I hope this room will not only be cute, but also super functional.
We need all the storage we can get in our small house.

Hopefully by next week the cubbies will be built, the walls will be planked, and everything painted!
Cross your fingers.


Working on Gracie's Room

We have a big group of guests coming to stay with us over the holidays and I've been hustling to get our girls bedrooms more finished/comfortable in time. I actually sort of love having an excuse to get house projects done! Gracie's bedroom needed the most help and I feel like we've made some good headway this month.

 photo IMG_2501 copy.jpg

 photo IMG_2507.jpg

I had my upholsterer recover this old headboard in a pretty light blue velvet that I bought at a local fabric discount store called Boca Bargoons (awesome name, right?). The frame is queen-sized though and Grace has been sleeping on a super old full-sized mattress that didn't have any support.

 photo IMG_6999.jpg

We ended up getting another Leesa mattress for her bed because we've loved the one in our master bedroom so much. And let's be honest, the convenience factor was a big one! The mattress ships (free!) to your doorstep (in a much smaller box than you're expecting) and then you unpack it on your bed frame and watch it grow to full size in about five minutes. It's crazy easy!

 photo IMG_2417 copy.jpg

 photo IMG_2430 copy.jpg

Their mattresses are 10" tall and made of three layers of unique foam, including memory foam and another type of foam that's perforated to keep your mattress nice and cool. (IMPORTANT when you live in the desert like we do!). Isn't the mattress itself so pretty? Seems like a shame to cover it up with bedding. :)

 photo IMG_2453.jpg

We've had our Leesa mattress in our master for about four or five months now and I have to say that I really, really love it (just like these 1500 reviewers). It's the perfect combo of soft and supportive. I don't have the best back - mine goes out all the time - and I feel like this mattress has made a world of difference for me! I've been feeling great lately.

 photo IMG_2467 copy.jpg

My Grace has the sweetest heart - she loves it as much as I do that Leesa donates a mattress to a shelter for every ten sold. When I told her that she said "Well now I'll really sleep better at night!" Ha!! Kids are the best.

 photo IMG_2497 copy.jpg

 photo IMG_2526 copy.jpg

Between the amazing new mattress and bed frame, we're both feeling pretty great about her room situation! Isn't that blue velvet so pretty? We also put up some new art from Kristi Kohut in her room that pairs so well with it! On the other side of the room we hung an old French poster above a vintage dresser I bought off Craigslist and painted. We're getting close in here!

 photo IMG_2569 copy.jpg

 photo IMG_2628 copy.jpg

Kids rooms are my absolute favorite to decorate! It's so fun to get crazy with color and pattern - and I love a space with no rules. :)

 photo IMG_2565 copy.jpg

This post is sponsored by Leesa. The first 50 readers to redeem the promo code LGN75 at checkout get $75 off their order! Stressed about ordering a mattress sight-unseen? Don't be! Leesa has a 100-day risk-free trial period!