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Inspiration File: Wild & Modern Southwestern Style

Whether you live in New Mexico or another state in the southwest US or not — you can have that iconic southwestern style in your home! The calm and relaxed bohemian feel of southwest style, plus the bold patterns and arrayed color choices, make it a fun style to modernize a bit, for a traditional look with a twist.

Modern Southwestern Style Inspiration and Tips @Remodelaholic

We picked out some of our favorite modern southwest-inspired spaces to show you today, which combine traditional southwestern style and patterns with modern and/or minimal design and fresh, updated (or even wild, if that’s your style!) color schemes. Add in a generous dose of natural tones and textures (like wood, wicker, rattan, and stone or adobe) plus plenty of woven textiles, and the resulting style is lovely and comfortable! Which one is your favorite?

See more southwest style in our Inspiration File.

Muted colors with a neutral bedspread are all brought together by that beautiful rug in this guest room, by Domestic Imperfection.

southwestern style bedroom Domestic Imperfection

This living room features plenty of traditional geometric patterns, but the simple coordinated color scheme helps them work together (via Nest Together). And did you see that the art over the couch is hung with binder clips? Easy and smart!

midcentury southerwestern style via Nest Together

A few Southwestern patterned textiles combined with the natural woods and that arrow wallpaper make for a fun relaxed nursery (via MiniStyle). I was ogling that same wallpaper here!

colorful southwestern style nursery via Mini Style Blog

Neutral white, wood tones, and BAM, an awesome rug make for a calming space that’s not boring (via The Design Files)

modern southwest style via The Design Files

Similarly, a controlled neutral and wood tone palette in this living room make the rug and sofa pillows shine for just the right amount of southwestern style (via Design Sponge).

modern boho southwestern style via Design Sponge

The black wall grounds and modernizes this southerwestern bedroom (via Brit+Co).

simple modern southwest style via Brit+Co

Southwestern woven blanket, check. Natural wood, check. Wicker, check. Colorful flowers and books, check. Add it up to a great southwestern niche by Emily Henderson!

modern southwestern style Emily Henderson

This room goes southwestern in a more unusual place: the curtains! (via Better Homes and Gardens)

neutral modern southwest living room via BHG

All white with varied neutral textures makes the bold rug shine — and the arrow art on the wall is wonderful decorative touch (via Style Me Pretty)

white and colorful southwestern style living room via StyleMePretty, photo Tessa Neustadt

photo Tessa Neustadt


Again, neutrals plus warm metals and one big POW of southwestern pattern looks lovely in this bedroom! (via Style Me Pretty)

modern neutral southwest style bedroom via Style Me Pretty, photo Monica Wang

photo Monica Wang


Aren’t the colors and patterns on this child’s bed nook just perfect? (by Violante & Rochford Interiors, featured here)bed in nook

Colors and textures combine (and look at that light!) for a comfortable relaxed southwestern inspired bedroom (via Style Me Pretty).

modern colorful southwest inspired bedroom via Style Me Pretty, photo Tessa Neustadt

photo Tessa Neustadt

modern color southwest inspired living room area via Style Me Pretty, photo Amy Bartlam

photo Amy Bartlam

The red elements in this living room unite the entire space amidst the neutrals — and I’m not sure which I love more, the owl end table or the furry footstool! (via Style Me Pretty)

For a more subtle modern southwest look, pair wood tones and terra cotta pots with a bold geometric rug (via Domino)

minimalist southwest living room via Domino, photo Michael Wiltbank

photo Michael Wiltbank

Who says a leather couch has to be any particular style? It fits right in with these southwestern pillows and wall art (by Thoughts From Alice).

eclectic southwest inspired living room, Thoughts From Alice

Don’t forget the cactus! If you want to evoke a truly southwestern vibe, you’ve got to have a cactus — a succulent can stand in for its prickly cousin, too 
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