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Feather Printables

The other day I saw the cutest feather art on an instagram account and I decided in that moment I had to have some in my house!  I'm not usually so swayed, but I just really loved the hand drawn feathers and I realized, these should definitely be a free printable for you guys too!  YAY Free Feather Printables for everyone!

And I can tell you, this is my favorite crafting type project that I've done in years.  I am not kidding.  I am so in love with them!!!  And there are SO many ways you can feature them on your wall, just wait til you see!

How to mount printables on Wood Boards


I had one of my fabulous graphic designers, Brian Fogleberg draw up some feathers.  Then I used my favorite printer the Canon PIXMA 8720 so we could print them as big as possible.  I can't believe how what getting this printer has done for my desire to make cool projects because for the first time in my life I can print them on a huge 13″ x 19″ sheet.  That size just feels like real art rather than a print out from my computer, do you know what I mean?  It is just substantial, and I love that it has a real presence on my wall!!

Okay so we made the printable in 3 colors.  Each set has 4 feathers, and you really can print them any size I just love the huge size!Black Free Feather Printable Collage @remodelaholic 2


So I want to explain how I like to mount printables on boards.  But first the back story, few years ago I was in charge of a Girls Camp craft for 300 girls in a limited amount of time.  We had a small budget and figuring out how to make it work was a bit of a challenge.  I wanted the girls to be able to take home what they made and really actually like it… (these were teenagers, so I had a lot of style to try and please.  Ultimately, what I decided to do was printables mounted on boards.  So I found a bunch of great free printables and then figured out a way to prep, paint and mount the boards in about 20 minutes.  So I am going to show you that today.

This is one of the easiest and (depending on the wood you mount it on) can be a SUPER cheap option for giving your printables a finished look.

Wood Mounted Feather Printables Set

IMG_7777 (1)


Canon Pixma 13″ x 19″  Matte Photo Paper (or desired size)

Printed set of Feathers (linked below)

1 1′ x 10″ x 8′ Pine Board **

Optional – Stain or craft paint in coordinating or contrasting color

Scotch Super 77 Mounting Spray

Sanding block (the hard kind, not the sponge type)

220 Grit Sandpaper

Mounting hardware for boards (if necessary for where you put these)

** To save money in the long run, you can use the backer that I used at girls camp.  3/16 luan plywood boards (8′ x 4′),cut down into the proper size on a table saw or with a circular saw..

Free Hand Drawn Feather Printables:


Turquoise Feather 1, Turquoise Feather 2, Turquoise Feather 3 and Turquoise Feather 4


Black Feather 1, Black Feather 2, Black Feather 3 and Black Feather 4


Navy Feather 1, Navy Feather 2, Navy Feather 3 and Navy Feather 4

or, click below to get all of them delivered to your email:

Click Here to Get All TWELVE Hand-Drawn Feather Prints Emailed Directly To You


This project from start to finish only took me about 30 minutes for all 4 boards.  There are a lot of steps, yes- but not a ton of time.

  1. Print out the feather printables set in your color choice and size.  I printed mine at 13″x 19 on my  Canon PIXMA 8720.  Do not cut or trim your pages (see sanding step below)!!

  2. Cut pine board to desired length.  For the 13×19 size printable I cut mine to about 18 3/4″ long.

  3. Very lightly sand off any stray slivers of wood.  (you want the edges of the wood to stay sharp do not sand them down yet!!

  4. *Optional: Paint or stain edges of pine board in a coordinating or contrasting color to the printables, overlap on the front of the board about a 1/4  of an inch board, but no more.  Be sure you printed on cardstock if you decide to paint the edges so the paint doesn't show through.

  5. Spray the top side of the board with a layer of spray adhesive.  Follow the instructions on the Spray adhesive bottle.  Be sure to only spray the top of the board (trying not to get it on the sides)  However you do need to get plenty on the edges of the front of the board, to hold the print in place.   To keep spray adhesive overspray from getting on everything.  I like to take a cardboard box big enough for my cut wood board to fit inside, to my backyard.  And then I spray about 12″ from the board.  Most of the overspray stays in the box.IMG_7798 (1)

  6. Take your board to a nice level surface, with a drop cloth if you need to protect the surface.  Eyeball the placement of the feather printable to be centered on the board.  There should be about an 1/8′ of an inch hangover on the sides, the edge was the side I paid most attention to to keep everything level.  But just be aware, once you stick the paper on the spray mount, you can't move it!!   You do want there to be hangover paper on each side.

  7. Being careful that your hands are very clean at this point, (sometimes you get spray mount on your fingers, so in that case smooth the paper from the center out with your forearms)   Smooth the paper from the center of the printable out and crease the paper at the edges of the wood.

  8. Using your sandpaper block you will cut the edges of the paper to fit exactly on the board.  Hold the sanding block at a 45 degree angle, to avoid scratching the front of the paper.  Sand back and forth on the creased line of the paper where the edge of the paper hangs over the wood.  Sand the whole length of the side at one time.   the sanding will cut the paper and you can pull off the edge.  This way your printable will be cut perfectly with the edge of the board.IMG_7784 (1)

  9. Add mounting hardware to the back of the board if hanging on the wall and wallah!  YOU ARE DONE!

The cool thing about these printable is that you can really hang them anyway you want.  Here are 6 different ways you can hang them:


Option 1, all four hung horizontally in one long row:

PicMonkey Collage 2

Option 2: hang them in a grid pattern all vertically placed.

PicMonkey Collage 5

Option 3: Grid style hung horizontally.

PicMonkey Collage1

Option 4: Half Horizontal, Half Vertical

PicMonkey Collage 3

Option 4: In a circle of sorts.  This would be fun to have like a number or something circular in the center.PicMonkey Collage


Option 6: Like a star.

PicMonkey Collage6

I put mine on the mantel, and they popped so nicely on the black brick.


I decided ultimately to add some wood frames, and that is a tutorial for another day.  I realized on my white walls they needed a frame but this post is getting too long to teach you how to make the frames, so I will show you that is a few days.  However, mounting printables like this to boards is one of my favorite ways to share art fast and affordable on my walls!! So please give it a try!

Thanks to Canon for partnering with me on this project.  Please be sure to visit Canon for other great crafting ideas.

Canon See Impossible Marketing Campaign

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