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25 Ikea Tarva Chest Hacks

It's hard to beat the inexpensive wood Tarva dresser from IKEA. Dress it up with these 25 Tarva chest hacks for designer looks!

25 Ways to Hack a Tarva Dresser

The simple lines and solid wood construction of Ikea’s Tarva dressers make them ideal candidates for a fun Ikea hack! Check out these 26 fabulous Tarva chest hacks and you’ll feel inspired to give one a makeover!

What makes the Tarva dressers so hack-able? The pine wood of the dressers can be easily painted or stained. The wood knobs that come with the Tarva series are also easy to modify, or you could simply switch them out for other knobs. Finally, the Tarva dressers are narrower than standard dressers, making them ideal for smaller spaces. 

6-Drawer Tarva Chest Hacks

tarva dresser 6-drawer chest IKEA

The largest dresser in the Tarva series is the 6-drawer chest. See how many ways it can be hacked to be used in all spaces in the home, from the kitchen to the bedroom.

ikea tarva hack kitchen sideboard steel pullsKitchen Sideboard by All Things G&D

ikea tarva dresser hack 6-drawer blue burlap panelsTextured Panel Dresser Makeover by Censational Girl

ikea tarva dresser hack with modified legsNursery Dresser by Sarah Sherman Samuel

ikea tarva dresser hack 6-drawer paint stain comboIkea Tarva Hack by Third Floor Design Studio

ikea tarva dresser hack trim top bottomIkea Tarva Makeover by Chris Loves Julia

tarva 6-drawer chest hack tapered legsNursery Tarva Hack by A New Bloom

ikea tarva 6-drawer dresser gold pulls gray paintGray Tarva Dresser Hack by Lovesome

ikea tarva 6-drawer chest hack leather belt pullsIkea Tarva Hack with Leather Pulls by Gabrielle Fabunmi

ikea tarva 6-drawer chest television apothecary cabinetIkea Tarva Hack TV Apothecary Cabinet via HomeTalk

tarva 6-drawer chest hack ombre green drawersOmbre Green Tarva Chest Hack by Hello! Upholstery + Blog

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