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Why You Should Use Trays In Your Home Decor

I think we’re all trying to simplify a bit in our lives — simplify our schedules, our projects, our home decor/clutter… but today I’m going to give you a few reasons that you might need MORE instead of less. Not just more of any old thing, but more of one specific thing that is both functional and beautiful: MORE trays in your home and decorating.

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Why You Should Use Trays to Decorate @Remodelaholic

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Why you should be using more trays in your home decor

Trays are an amazingly versatile and relatively inexpensive element to add to your home decorating. And since they’re not just for decorating, it’s a win-win. Use trays to

CORRAL AND ORGANIZE ITEMS on a horizontal surface, which also helps declutter a space, because when the tray is full, you gotta clear out! Grouping things on a tray also helps to…

CUT DOWN VISUAL CLUTTER. When there is a group of items on a tray, your brain is more likely to interpret it as one element in a space, rather than “seeing” the 5 things that are on the tray. So you’re both more organized and *feel* more organized, less cluttered.

MAKE ANY SPACE PARTY-FRIENDLY. Obviously, trays are great for entertaining and serving. Trays make it easy to put food or drinks where you need them, and clean up when you’re done, whether you’re hosting a large holiday party or a party of one with a good book and your favorite drink 
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