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6 Creative Places To Store Shoes

6 creative places to store shoes

6 Creative Places to Store Shoes

Shoes are something that everyone has and needs, but if you are not careful, shoes can really start cluttering up the areas of the house. Finding a shoe storage system to keep all the shoes in one place is a great way to cut down on the clutter and guarantee that you don't spend precious minutes looking for your other shoe in the morning. Sure you can buy a shoe rack at most any retail store to keep all the shoes together. But what if you want something that better matches your decor, shows off more of your personality, or just plain looks different? Of course, coming up with creative and practical ways to store shoes can have it's challenges.  Here are 6 creative shoe storage ideas (and see 10 more here). Now all your shoes will be tucked away in one stylish storage solution until you need them.

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1. Store shoes on hooks or racks.

This is a great way to re-purpose an item. Simply get a rack with hooks normally used for hanging coats, kitchen utensils or tools, and you now have an easy to use place to store shoes.

Brilliant boot storage idea!


coat hooks shoe racks

Via – you can get a similar small coat rack here.

2. Store shoes on hangers. 

This is another creative way to keep shoes together. Hangers can be bent to better hold the flip flops or use pants hangers to keep boots stored in one place. Use altered clothes hangers like the tutorial below, or pick up a set of hangers here or here.

hang flip flops @ remodelaholic


hanging boots @ remodelaholic


Amazing boot storage idea! This could be life-changing


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