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Simple Ways To Keep Your Fridge Clean And Organized

Do you have to deal with not enough room in your fridge as well? We are a military family which means whenever we move, we don't ever know what to expect from the new housing or neither can we choose appliances. Most housing is already setup and all appliances are installed.

We are currently stationed in Okinawa, Japan, where everything is so much smaller. Our apartment has a small fridge, which was a big change for us. So, I made a plan on how to organize and clean our fridge to maximize the space and time spent maintaining it.

Today, I want to share all my tips and tricks for Simple Ways To Keep Your Fridge Clean And Organize!

Here we go…

Fridge Organizing Tips - Before

Storing Meat, bread, and smaller jars (yes, we store our bread in the fridge because of the high humidity on Okinawa) in the fridge has been such a hassle for us. The meat compartment is to small, bread in its bag always suck on the rack or glassand smaller jars somehow always ended up in the back of the fridge and I had to empty an entire rack just to get to it.

Let me add that I have two toddlers that love to stick their heads in the fridge and rearrange everything. So, that should explain the chaos my fridge was in before I gave it a makeover.

Simple Ways To Keep Your Fridge Clean And Organized:

  • The first crucial part of this makeover is that I want to be able to clean the fridge in a matter of 5 minutes or less

  • Having multiple compartments that can be pulled out will allow me to clean quickly.

  • Organizing the fridge on a budget can be done if you shop items from a Dollar store (be creative, there are lots of items that can be used)

  • Use all available space to maximize your storage space

  • Adjust or add racks to achieve more storage space

  • Place items in the door compartments for quick access

  • Use long organizing trays that can be pulled out (this will make storing and reaching items in the back of the fridge – easy peasy)

  • Organizer cucumbers or carrots upright to maximize your veggie compartment

  • Organize Foods Based On Their Purpose Or Type

  • Store Leftovers At Eye Level

  • Line The Shelves

  • Wipe Down Sticky Bottles Or Jars


  • Cut longer items in half or multiple sizes to store them better

  • Do NOT store items all the way in the back because they can freeze up

  • Place heavy items on the bottom of your veggie compartment so they don't add marks on fragile items.

  • Clean the fridge every other week, to

  • When defrosting add the meat to a tray or into a ziplock bag in case, it leaks.

  • Toss out what's old

  • Place a Baking Soda pack to the back to remove any odor

  • Clean racks and glass shelves with vinegar water and dish soap (combine all these ingredients in a spray bottle: 1cup water, 1 cup vinegar, and 1/4cup dish soap)

Fridge Organizing Tips- Freezer space tips

Freezer tips:

  • Add additional racks to your freezer to maximize your storage

  • Use the door compartment for Bread or Freezer packs

  • Separate Meat from Veggies and Fruit

  • Add freezer save organizing bins, to store smaller items or open bags

  • Clean the ice from the freezer back once a month depending on how fast your freezer is icing up.

Fridge Organizing Tips- Use all spaces possible

Fridge Organizing Tips- Veggie Storage

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Fridge Organizing Tips- Storage bins - Pinterest

Share below what you do to keep your fridge clean and organized, Thank you!




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