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Starched Fabric Wall Treatment Tutorial

Remember Sara and her awesome entry with the mail sorter shoe cubby? She's back as a regular part of our team (squeee!!) to share more of her beautiful style and DIY know-how. Give her a warm welcome back to Remodelaholic!

DIY Starched Fabric Wall Tutorial for Remodelaholic

Hi guys!  I'm Sara, and I am the DIY home d├ęcor blogger behind Sincerely, Sara D.  I am excited to be here on Remodelaholic, and I love sharing my projects in hopes of inspiring and showing how anyone can create a beautiful space with little cost!  Some of my more popular posts are Painting Cabinets and Using Shortcuts and Painting Fabric with Chalk Paint.

Today I'm sharing a tutorial for hanging a  fabric wall treatment using liquid starch.  Although this tutorial is great for anyone, it is perfect for renters or those of us with decor commitment issues. Starched fabric walls are easily removable and provide the look of wallpaper without the commitment!

This is a photo of my laundry room before its makeover:

Laundry Room BEFORE

With three kids, I spend a lot of time in this laundry room, and unfortunately there is no natural light in this room.  The dark cabinets and poor light made for a dark and less than exciting space.

To brighten the room, I painted the cabinets (click HERE to see more) and added some pretty fabric to the walls.

Starched Fabric Wall Treatment Tutorial

Can't see the video? Watch it here on our YouTube channel, and be sure to subscribe to see all the latest!

Supplies for Starched Fabric Wall

These are the supplies needed for hanging a fabric wall:

  • Fabric

  • Foam Roller

  • Paint Tray

  • Rag

  • Tape Measure

  • Ruler

  • Liquid Starch

  • Scissors

  • Pen

  • Razor

  • Thumb Tacks

To begin, measure the wall(s) and figure out how much fabric is needed. Pay attention to the width of the fabric.  The width of a bolt can vary and is usually somewhere between 45-60 inches.  I used cotton fabric (and prefer cotton fabric for this project), and bought extra fabric knowing that cotton will shrink.

My wall space (including the cabinets)  is 6ft x 8ft.  I knew I would have to match fabric for the walls on top and bottom of the cabinets, so I also bought extra fabric to allow for the correct pattern repeat.

I purchased 4.5 yards of pretty blue and cream 45″ cotton fabric I found at Hobby Lobby (I took advantage of their 40% off coupon)!   Home decor fabric can be used, but keep in mind it is typically wider and much harder to handle.  A hanging partner will be needed with the larger fabric width.

Measure the length of the wall and lay out the fabric.

Laying out Fabric for Starched Fabric Wall

Use a tape measure to  measure the wall length on the fabric (I added 6 inches to allow for shrinkage and to be safe).

Measuring for Fabric Wall

Once the length is marked, use a ruler to draw a straight line for the cut.

Marking Cut Line for Starched Fabric Wall

Carefully cut along the measured cut line (I used scissors, but you could definitely use a fabric rotary cutter).

Cutting Fabric for Starched Fabric Wall

Once the first piece is cut, it is time to hang the fabric!

I would suggest starting in the middle of the wall, but I started on the side since I had cabinets blocking the rest of my wall and the right side really was my focal point.

Rolling Liquid Starch on Fabric Wall

Pour the liquid starch into the tray, and cover the roller in starch.

Rolling Liquid Starch for Fabric Wall

Take the roller and cover the wall where the fabric will be hung.  Cover the wall but not so much that it is dripping.

Before adding the liquid starch, shut off any electrical outlets in the room.

Tacking up Fabric for Starched Fabric Wall

Hang your fabric starting at the top.  You can use a level to keep the fabric straight.  Use a thumb tack to hold the fabric in place.

Using Tacks on Starched Fabric Wall

Allow extra fabric at the top because remember there will be some shrinkage.

If needed, carefully cut around cabinets and/or other obstacles.

Trimming around Cabinets for Starched Fabric Walls

Smooth out the fabric on the wall with hands or a rag.  Then, take the roller and cover the fabric with the liquid starch.

Rolling a Starched Fabric Wall

Once the piece is covered in liquid starch, take a rag and smooth out the fabric.

Using a Rag on Starched Fabric Wall

After the first piece is in place, continue with the same steps for the remaining wall.  Make sure to match the fabric repeat (this is where it really starts to get tricky and why you need to buy extra fabric).

Measuring for Starched Fabric Wall

Starched Fabric Wall Tutorial

Starched Fabric Wall Progress

Starched Fabric Wall - Before Trimming

Once the wall is done, let the fabric dry before trimming it.  It is good to let it sit overnight.

Trimming starched fabric wall

Take a razor and carefully cut the edges of the dried fabric, and the fabric wall is done!

Budget Laundry Room Makeover


Laundry Room DIY Makeover. copy

Starched Fabric Wall Tutorial.

Budget Laundry Room Makeover

Starched Fabric Wall Tutorial copy

DIY Laundry Room Decor

Laundry Room Reveal

Laundry Room Makeover Reveal

Laundry Room Inexpensive Makeover

I did have some areas where the fabric was stretched, but overall, I think the wall looks pretty good.  And for under $50, the fabric wall makes a huge improvement in my room!



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