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Easily Change a Room with a Custom IKEA Sofa Slipcover

The fabulous Whitney is back again today - you'll love her easy IKEA sofa slipcover room change-up, and be sure to go check out and follow her @carpendaughter on Instagram for more of her beautiful home!

A sofa slipcover gives this IKEA Stockholm couch a whole new look and brightens up the room! Details at

If you know me well you know I change my mind often. I kind of hate it about myself. One day I NEED a set of vintage lockers for my kitchen then a few months later they are taking up space in my packed garage waiting to be sold at a yard sale.


It's not that I'm indecisive, it's that I'm too decisive. I pull the trigger all too often when it comes to home decor. I know what I want and no one can change my mind. Like when I wanted an emerald green sofa for my living room. My sister at first tried to warn me that soon my mind would change and I'd be stuck with a green sofa. But my mind was made up. I went with the Stockholm sofa from Ikea. I was so happy with my decision. The bold pop of color convinced me that I was a risk taker. It was cozy and warm and felt like Christmas cheer all winter long.


But alas I started to miss my pink rug I sold when the green sofa came to live with us. Pink and green was too much color for one living room. My sister, who is always in the know, suggested I get a slipcover for my green sofa. Ew. My idea of a sofa slipcover was basically an ill fitting tarp draped over a sofa and haphazardly stuffed in the crevices to make it look more “fitted.” But my sister assured me there were much better options these days. After a quick google search I found Comfort Works. They offer a custom slipcover for practically every sofa IKEA makes. And yes that included my Stockholm. They will send you up to eight fabric samples to throw around in your home to see what works best.




I decided on the Liege Biscuit. It was one of the more expensive fabrics but it was supposed to be very stain resistant. And once I saw an online demonstration of red wine wiping right off, I was sold! My slipcover was made to order and took about 5 weeks to arrive at my door. It was like Christmas morning. It took me about a half hour to make the change over. Wow! I have to say I'm impressed with the quality of the fabric and how well the slipcover is made.IMG_4606

I layered a new pink rug on top of the existing jute rug and boom, a whole new look for my living room! I can't say that I like this new oatmeal colored sofa better than the green. I love both looks. And now this girl has options. To complete my living room I found two vintage Selig chairs for only $60! I had the cushions recovered at a local upholstery shop. I chose a tan leather because it's timeless and will go with both the original green color or the oatmeal colored slipcover. I can't wait to add a vintage indigo pillow to each chair.  My $18 thrifted rattan side table/stool thingy fits perfectly in between. All my living room dreams have come true. For now… 
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