Lunes, Agosto 3, 2015

~a few new garage sale finds~

So sorry for my absence!
I was sick last week and am just now getting around to blogging again.
I did manage to go to a few garage sales and I scored big time.

First up is this great table.
I paid $50 for it, which is a lot for me, especially since aI didn't know what I was going to do with it.
But, it's really old and it has a ton of detail.
So, I brought it home and turned it into a bar cart in the corner of our dining room.
I added a round tray to the center so everything would sit flat as the base was not totally flat.

{The basket on the wall was a old garage sale find for a quarter}

Next up is this wooden gutter.
It was a whopping $5.00 and I bought it with the intent to use it on our chalkboard door to hold chalk.

Well, wouldn't you believe, it was the PERFECT size!

I love that I didn't have to do a thing to it except screw it in.

I don't even know what you call this piece, but it has a really cool gold base with marble top and glass dome.
I believe that was $10.00.

And this oil painting I paid $30.00 for.
It's really old and I just loved the colors.
Besides that, I'm kinda into oil paintings right now.

{metal stool was also a old garage sale find, I believe it was $30.00 as well}

Cannot wait to go junking again this weekend!
Just so you know, I don't always have this good of luck. I just happened to find the good stuff this time around!


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