Martes, Agosto 11, 2015

~Hedgehouse USA throw bed~

I think this product is the coolest. There is so many different rooms you can use it in, and it can serve so many purposes.
It's the throw bed from Hedgehouse USA.
{view their other products here}
I got this one.

I got it thinking it would be a great extra bed for kids sleepovers, and it has been.
It's also been great when the kids want to throw an impromptu camping trip in the backyard.
Or watch outdoor movies.
Or just to curl up with in bed as an extra cushion.

But then I discovered that it also makes a super comfy addition to the many pillows I have on my bed!

I love it!
It rolls up so when you are not using it, it tucks out of the way, comes in a super cute cloth storage bag, and is very comfy.
I have caught our dogs sleeping on it several times, they even love it!

The cover has a zipper so when it gets dirty you can just unzip it and throw it in the washer and dryer.
go check out their instagram page for more inspiration!


Armed with the singular idea of inventing a portable and versatile mattress to use anywhere, Beata Henrichs began HEDGEHOUSE in her Los Angeles garage in 2010. After much testing, tweaking and making sure every detail was perfect, our THROWBED was born.
Beata’s entrepreneurial spirit demanded more. Next came the MINI, then the HEADBOARD CUSHION and THROW PILLOWS,
all with our signature
We believe in comfort, sophistication, and a great zipper. We love being
surrounded by friends and family
and our products are extensions
of our own lifestyles.
Our designs are simple, built to last and impossibly chic.

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