Huwebes, Agosto 6, 2015

~faux carrera marble~{thrifty thursday}

This project started when I spotted this piece of marble at a garage sale for $25.00.
I know you all are wondering how I get all these good deals, but usually I don't, I just seem to be on a lucky streak lately.
I had no idea at the time what I would do with it, but seriously, $25.00? Would you pass it up?
I didn't think so.

After I brought it home I tried it in a few different places, which proved difficult because it weighs a ton.
It ended up being the perfect fit for one of our nightstands in the master bedroom.
That's the good news.
The bad news, I only had one piece of marble.

Not wanting to spend a fortune to get another piece cut
{can you imagine with those edges what it would cost?}
I came up with another solution for the other night stand.

I bought a large piece of cabinet grade birch which ran me about $40.00.
I laid the marble on it and traced around it.

After it was all traced, I cut it out with my jig saw and sanded the edges clean.

I primed with kilz primer and let dry, then put on 2 coats of pure white paint in a satin finish, and let that dry.
While that was drying I googled various ways to paint faux marble.
I ended up picking up some helpful tips, but in the end just kinda went for it.

I used about 3 different colors of grey paints and using a thin brush randomly added veining to my piece.

After I painted a part on, I spritzed it with a water bottle which made the edges of my veining bleed a bit, looking more realistic.

Every now and then I would brush on {or use a rag} a very watered down white paint, then I would add more veining, then do the same with watered down grey paint. I went back and forth with this process several times until I got the look I wanted.
I think the trick here is creating dimension with the paint. Also, don't forget to go onto the sides of your wood piece, as in nature the veining continues through the marble.
It was also helpful to have a piece of real marble nearby to glance at every now and then.
When it was done I sealed it with a clear wax.

Here is my finished piece next to the real deal.
It's not exact, but these will not be going side by side so I am not too concerned.
I could've fussed with it more, but I am happy enough with the look.

Tomorrow I will be showing you where I ended up using them!

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