Martes, Agosto 11, 2015

DIY Yarn-Wrapped Sconce Cords

I bought these sconces for cheap at Urban Outfitters a few years ago. They're super cute and look much more expensive than they really are. I had painted the cords to match the walls of our guest room back then, but I wanted to reuse the sconces in Evie's room and the dark forest green color needed to be painted out or changed.

 photo IMG_0375.jpg

 photo IMG_0544.jpg

I've always loved Schoolhouse Electric's cloth cord styles and thought I could do something similar here with just a dab of glue and a bit of colorful yarn.

 photo IMG_0444.jpg

You only need glue when you're starting and ending, and the tighter you wrap the yarn, the better! I found it was helpful to wrap the yarn around a glue stick or a popsicle stick before wrapping the cord. It helps keep everything tight and untangled. Also, just to be safe, I didn't wrap the cords all the way down to the plug (I left a good two feet unwrapped).

 photo IMG_1185.jpg

I love when simple projects make inexpensive finds look extra special! The project cost me nothing and I was happy to give new life to these sconces we've been storing for years! :)

 photo IMG_0412.jpg

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