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How to create seamless kitchen/garden spaces

porcelain floor

We’d all love to have more space in the kitchen – for it to be a room we can cook, relax and dine in. However, when knocking through or building a large extension isn’t practical, there’s also another place you can include instant space from – the garden. Uniting your kitchen with an outside area is relatively simple and can be approached in a few different ways depending on what you want to achieve. Here are some smart ideas to try:

Go for glass doors

Whether you prefer the classic look of French doors, more modern folding glass panels or extra-wide sliding doors across the entire wall, swapping a standard exit or window for large expanses of glass is the first step to helping your kitchen and garden space work as one. Not only does it mean easy access to your outdoor areas when the sun comes out, it also allows you to have the doors wide open so the two zones can be linked. During the cooler months, glass doors mean you can see as much of your garden as possible as you cook, so you can enjoy the views all year round. Try placing a table and chairs next to the doors, too, so you can always have the feeling of dining alfresco but not be subject to sudden changes in the weather.

light kitchen

Image source: Crown

Create a seamless space

Flooring is key for making any two spaces feel like one and is a design trick that’s often used in open-plan rooms or connecting areas to make them feel more spacious. Apply the same idea to your kitchen and garden but choose your flooring carefully. While real stone might seem like a natural choice as it’s been sourced from outside, it’ll actually be prone to cracking during the winter months. Instead, pick flooring that’s designed to resist the weather. Textured, slip-resistant porcelain is a smart option as it’s hard enough to endure the elements and fade-resistant, yet looks good both inside and out. It comes in several finishes, too, including wood-look and stone-effect surfaces.

porcelain floor

Image source: Tom Howley

Rethink your ceiling

If the amount of space you have to connect your garden and kitchen at the rear is limited, such as in narrow townhouses, think about including glass overhead to help let some extra light in. Roof lights, sun tunnels and seamless glass roofs are perfect partners for glass doors or large windows, making an indoor and outdoor space feel even more connected. Again, this makes a good location for a casual dining area, so even if you don’t have room for a table, try creating one with a worktop overhang and some stackable or folding chairs.

glassy dining room

Image source: Trombe

Channel a conservatory vibe

Multiple leaf glass doors don’t always fit in every style of home, so if yours is more traditional, think about replicating the same effect with complementary windows instead. There’s no need to have them floor to ceiling but it helps to keep them all as tall as possible with a smaller area of wall to make sure that the kitchen and garden still feel like one space. Matching glass overhead will help to boost the amount of daylight, too, or you could try adding plenty of indoor lighting to make sure the space still feels bright.

wooden kitchen diner

Image source: Westbury Garden Rooms

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