Biyernes, Agosto 21, 2015

~thrifty Thursday~ {outdoor bones wreath}

Did you see this wreath in the latest Pottery Barn catalog?

Anticipating a busy fall season for us, I decided to make this way ahead of the season, so when the time comes, it will be all ready for me!

It's $79.00 at Pottery Barn and I made it for under $20.00, here is how:

I picked up this wire wreath form at Michaels arts and crafts. It was green and I spray painted it white.
They come in different sizes. The one I chose was 18"
You will also need wire and wire cutters.

This bag of bones is the plastic kind and I also got it at Michaels using a 40% off coupon.
You'll need a drill with a small drill bit too.

I laid my pieces out on the table first.
This is when I realized I didn't have enough.
A trip up to my attic solved that problem!
I supplemented with foam bones, probably purchased at the dollar store.
I will say, the plastic was easier to work with.

After everything is laid out, use your drill to drill 2 holes close to each other and feed the wire through. Then simply wire the pieces onto the wreath form.
When I was almost done I ended up hot glueing some of the lighter foam pieces on top of other pieces for dimension.

And here it is!
My version of the Pottery Barn Outdoor Bones Wreath.

And a side by side:


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