Miyerkules, Setyembre 2, 2015

~reclaimed wood week~{day 3}

Reclaimed wood comes in many different shapes and forms.
There is pallet wood, which most of the time you can find for free.
There is barn wood, which sometimes can also be free.
Check Craigslist often to see if any buildings or old barns are being torn down.
There is old beams, antique wainscoting, breadboard, balusters, you name it.

The wood I am using today was from a really really old house that was being demolished.
You can find these pieces readily at salvage shops too, if you have them in your area.

Here is my little stash of old wood pieces.

This project requires no power tools!
I found these metal bookends at the thrift store, but I bet they have them at office supply stores as well.
I've been looking for a way to make unique bookends, and this fit the bill!

I started with these smaller square pieces for my smaller bookends….

And simply glued them on using a strong adhesive.

I clamped them and let them dry for several hours.

For the taller bookends I used these taller white wood pieces.
Same thing, glued them on, clamped them, and let them dry.
When they were all dry I cleaned them up with soap and water.

They make the perfect vintage chippy bookends and are so easy to make.


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