Lunes, Hulyo 20, 2015

~framing my high school art~

I have been on a major cleaning spree lately.
I've been organizing, getting rid of, and putting items in my etsy shop.
{to open soon!}

While I was cleaning out some paperwork I came across some drawings from my high school art class.
I must have been the same age our daughter is now when I drew them.
I remember my art teacher.
It was my favorite class, and I am so glad I kept something to remember it by.
Nothing museum quality here, but hey, I was 16.

I decided I would frame them so I went to the thrift store and found some ugly pieces, but with good bones.

I tossed the old artwork and added a watercolor painting I did recently and my 2 high school drawings and hung them in the master bath.

I had to make a smaller copy of the one below to fit in the matte.
You can see all the places where the paper was folded, but that doesn't really bother me.

Do you hang onto things this long?
In this case, I am glad I did!

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