Huwebes, Hulyo 16, 2015

~thrifty thursday~{moroccan pillow diy}

I thought I would jump on the Moroccan trend with a little bohemian diy for you today.
As you know I am pillow obsessed, so this was a fun project for me!
It started out as always, with me out thrifting.
I always check the "pillow sham" section and this past week did not disappoint.

First let me show you the "after"

The before wasn't so bad, it just needed a little fringe and bling.

This is a standard size sham.
I bought 8 yards of fringe and 6 yards of sequin trim.
I wasn't sure if I was going to use gold or silver, so I bought both.
All the trim was around $25.00, the pillow itself was $1.99.

I used this glue, that's right, no sewing!
I chose it because it's washable and permanent.

I added 2 rows of the fringe to each of the gold stripes, covering them up essentially.

And then every other row I added sequin trim.
I went with the gold because the pillow already had so much gold in it.

I let it dry overnight before adding a king size down pillow to make it extra fluffy.

I was really lucky to find a pillow sham that already had the Moroccan vibe to begin with, but I believe any sham with fringe could be made to look like this with enough trim and bling.

What do you think?
Should I attempt a Moroccan wedding blanket DIY?

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