Huwebes, Hulyo 9, 2015

~how to give an old lamp new life~

I really liked the shape of this lamp but wasn't crazy about the finish.

So when I saw this room, and this lamp, I knew exactly what mine needed!

At first I thought I could make the spots with a black sharpie, but the edged blurred, so instead I used black acrylic paint.
I just randomly started painting on spots.
It took way longer than I thought, but I love the finished product.
I watched a couple episodes of fixer upper while I did this, so it wasn't all bad.

For the base I layered on different colors of paint and then sanded it down in some spots, finishing it off with clear and dark wax.

I started by painting it grey, really blobbing it on.
Then cream, 2 coats, then I finished with dry brushing white on it.
After sanding it I applied wax to finish it off and add a bit more age.

I really like the whimsy of it.
I don't know if the kitchen is where it will stay, but for now, it's home is here.


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