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Quick revamps for speedy summer style

yellow sofa

We’re definitely not going to suggest you take on a big decorating project at the beginning of July – we know you’ve got too much on your plate. But try these quick makeovers and you can welcome summer to your interiors without too much hassle.

Add sunny shades

For a room with a summer mood, introduce decorative accessories in sunshine colours to your scheme. You could opt for yellow, as in this living room, and orange works equally well and is a great complement to an interior that features blue already. You don’t need to overburden your credit card, either. A table lamp in your chosen colourway will do the job a treat, or you could keep an existing lamp base and swap to a summer-hued lampshade. Alternatively, try exchanging cushion covers to bring in your chosen colour, or – even simpler – treat yourself to a bunch of flowers in yellow or orange.

yellow sofa

Image source: Tesco

Boost the light

There are many months of the year when we’re deprived of daylight, so don’t shortchange yourself when there is an opportunity to maximise it. How to brighten up your room? Lose the window treatment that’s stopping the light coming in. You still want your window to look dressed, though, so fit shelves across it and use them as a home for foliage plants and – in the kitchen – herbs.

window display

Image source: IKEA via Pinterest

Say no to matching

Summer’s the season for relaxation, so make sure your decoration hasn’t missed out on the memo. For the dining table, mismatched chairs in different shades evoke easy comfort. Getting the look might just mean borrowing from other rooms in your home, or you could indulge yourself in a little light boot sale and secondhand shop browsing. It’s possible you will have to get out a paintbrush, but the results will be worth it.

orange and grey kitchen

Image source: Vanessa Arbuthnott

Introduce a breath of sea air

If summer means beside the sea to you, then why not evoke a coastal mood at home? Use the interior stylist’s trick of creating a vignette – a group of objects that make for an appealing picture. Lanterns with rope handles filled with shells, or sand and a candle look the part, but you could use pretty glass jars or vessels you already own with the same contents to get the look. The key to a successful display? Vary the heights in a roughly triangular shape.

coastal accessories

Image source: In-Spaces

Transform your staircase

Stairs shy and retiring? Now’s the time to change their personality with a summer-fresh makeover. This room features risers with decorative stickers sized to fit, so if your stairs are in good shape, all you need to do is position the decals. With time on your hands to do more, you could paint the risers in a single colour or different shades; create the look of a runner by painting risers and treads, leaving either side in white; or even wallpaper the risers using offcuts.

pink patterned stairs

Image source: Purlfrost

Visit the tropics

Makeover your bedroom in a flash with a bedspread featuring a totally tropical pattern. This option means you don’t have to buy a new set of bed linen – all you need is your exotic top layer to dress the bed during the day. When you’re choosing, pick a motif that repeats a colour you already have in the room to pull the look together and you’re ready to enjoy the new climate.

vibrant bedroom decor

Image source: Harlequin

Choose deckchair stripes

Summer pattern isn’t just for outdoor seating – deckchair stripes will work a treat inside your home, too. Don’t feel obliged to go bold because the pattern itself will deliver the summer vibe. In this bathroom, a watery green looks gorgeous. You can go all over in a small room, but in a larger living space, stick to painting one wall for an effect that’s stylish rather than over the top.

stripey bathroom wall

Image source: Jules Duffy Designs

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