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~our new outdoor entertaining area~

I am so happy to finally share with you all our new outdoor entertaining/kitchen space!
This project actually started a couple of years ago.
We had a big concrete slab poured and then my husband and I built the structure over it.
We knew what purpose we wanted it to serve, but never really got around to finishing it up.
With summer upon us we decided to dive in and finally finish it!
This is going to be a long post with a lot of pictures.
Let's start at the beginning.
Here is that concrete slab we had poured.
We had it colored and stamped to mimic the look of stone.

The beginning of a really long project…

We had fish stamped in as well, as a nod to living on the lake.

Slowly but surely the structure went up.
These are all the photos I have from the building process.
It was a family affair as you can see :)

Then it sat in this state for a couple years until we decided on a plan.
It's about 400 square feet.

And here it is today, finally finished!
We made a built in "kitchen" area for our new grill, fridge and gas fireplace.
The only thing we don't have out here is running water, but there is a hose nearby, does that count?

We added a giant tv for football games/parties, and outdoor movie nights.

Most of the materials we used are reclaimed pieces.
The faces of the bar area and fireplace/tv area are made from reclaimed scaffolding as it was no longer certifiable. We ripped it in half width wise on a table saw and installed it like planking.
I love the rustic nature of it and the grey color.

The majority of the countertops are beams from a turn of the century building in Seattle that was being torn down.
They were giant beams that also had to be cut down.
The only surface area that is different is on top of the fireplace, under the tv.
It is a slab of slate that once was my parents hearth in their home!
I love having this piece of history in here.

The furniture is from AE Outdoor.
It is called the Sanford 6 piece deep seating, and it's on sale right now!
I couldn't be happier with it.
It is incredibly comfortable and I know will last us a long time. I don't see ever having to buy another outdoor furniture set again.
The color is perfect and the quality is amazing, they are very sturdy.

The barstools we picked out are also made to last.
They are made with trex decking and specifically for outdoors.
The cushion covers match perfectly with the AE Outdoor cushions.
We got the textured silver with charcoal black stools and the cushions are
the color called bird's eye.

This area stays cool in the summer with a ceiling fan, and warm on chilly fall nights with the patio heaters.

I like how you can sit up to the bar and watch tv and
just below it is the sofa and chairs for additional seating.

To match the slate from the countertops, I picked out this fun slate tiered tray from Painted Fox Treasures.

The burlap star pillow is from Joss and Main, and the stripe pillows are from Heritage Lace.
The flag scarf was a gift from my mom.

I love using quirky vintage cans and such for vases, and
I think the spiky flowers look a bit like fireworks going off.

This "bar" is the Raskog utility cart from Ikea.
It's so affordable.
I also chose this because it's on wheels so very portable, and also because the shelves have holes in them which is great if moisture does get in there.
I got the dark grey color and my husband added some wood to the front to blend in with the rest of the wood fronts.
He also did the same treatment to our Texas Pro smoker.

The wine glasses and tumblers are melamine, so totally unbreakable.
They are from TJ Maxx.

This cabana service doorbell just adds a bit of whimsy to the space.
It actually rings…..
Now if only it came with an actual cabana boy!
You can find it here.
{cabana service coming shortly}

I made the garland years ago.

Here is a close up of the slate slab, it's really thick, love it!

Tray is from TJ Maxx.

Another thing I love about this furniture, is the coffee table sections are lightweight and can also be used as end tables.

The outdoor heaters are be perfect for chilly nights.
They were purchased at Home Depot, as well as the grill.

Phew, that was a long post, but I always love getting sources for items, so thanks for bearing with me.
If I left anything out or if you have any questions, feel free to email me or comment below.
Now, off to bbq and light off some fireworks.
Have a happy and safe fourth!

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