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Carrara and Skinny Subway Tile

Did you know that carrara marble is actually one of the most affordable stones? At my local slab yards, honed carrara costs about $15 per square foot. Most other stones (even the granite that I don't love) start at about $30 and go way up from there. (Fabrication costs are usually an additional $27-35 per square foot).

 photo 2IMG_0112_2 copy.jpg

 photo Carrara honed.jpg

We're planning on using this carrara in one or two of our current client projects because it's just so beautiful and comparatively affordable. I think marble is great in bathrooms and is especially good on kitchen center islands. I would be comfortable with using marble everywhere in a kitchen because I like the way it wears over time, but I realize it's not for every homeowner.

 photo Rejuvenation Pendants Kitchen.jpg

I really love how carrara mixes with white subway tile (another affordable/timeless/gorgeous choice!). This kitchen was one of our hood style inspirations, but everything else is so, so good. I put some links below to help you track down some of these great products. Have you found a good resource for inexpensive subway tile in interesting sizes?

 photo Green Pendant kitchen.jpg
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