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Terrarium to Geometric Pendant Light

When it comes to DIYing, making your own light fixture might seem a little bit intimidating. And, obviously, anything that requires electrical work requires extra caution — or a call to a local electrician if you need. Our guest today kept it simple and used a plug-in light, proving that it can be pretty simple to make your own lighting! Plus, a pendant light is a great place to start small and bring a lot of style to a space! Katy used an unexpected object — a terrarium! — to make simple and chic geometric pendant light:

How to make a geometric pendant light -- easy DIY, for less than half of what you'd pay for a similar light fixture!

Katy has all the details for you below, and if you need another style, try these: 

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DIY Pendant Lamps via Remodelaholic

How to Make a Geometric Pendant Light from a Terrarium
by Kate from A Shade of Teal

Make your own designer-inspired geometric pendant light using a premade glass terrarium and a light kit. No electrician required!

Hi Remodelaholics! I’m Katy from A Shade of Teal and I’m so excited to be sharing a DIY project with you today! I blog about all things creative, but my main focus is DIY projects and home renovation. My husband and I bought a major fixer upper almost 2 years ago and I’m slowly trying to renovate it room by room.

Today I’m sharing my DIY glass geometric terrarium turned light fixture that I made for my office. I recently renovated my entire office (you can check that out here) and the biggest obstacle I had was lighting. This was the only room in our downstairs that did not have recessed lighting, or any installed light fixtures for that matter. My options were: A-Lamps, B-have professional electricians install lights, or C-make a fun exposed light fixture. I went with option C!

I went shopping and I was so excited I stumbled upon this glass terrarium because it had 1 side metal, 1 side open, and the rest was glass. It was meant to be a light fixture!

Here are the supplies needed:

  • Glass Geo Terrarium, I bought mine at World market
  • Jute Rope Electrical Cord Kit, also from World market, but you can find cheaper swag kits at any hardware store.
  • Drill with 2” metal bit
  • Edison Bulb

Terrarium to Geometric Pendant Light by A Shade of Teal featured on Remodelaholic
The Process:

Terrarium to Light Tutorial by A Shade of Teal featured on Remodelaholic
First you’ll need to cut a hole in the metal side of the terrarium. My swag kit socket was a little shy of 2” wide so the hole in the terrarium needed to be 2”. I then eyed where the center was and very carefully cut through the metal. Be sure to not apply too much pressure when doing this so you don’t break the glass.

How to Turn a Geometric Terrarium into a Light Fixture by A Shade of Teal featured on Remodelaholic
Then take the socket from the swag kit and make sure it fits. If it does then you can screw the socket on the terrarium. DIY Terrarium Light by A Shade of Teal featured on Remodelaholic
I also moved the stickers from the cord to the terrarium base so you won’t see them when it’s hanging.DIY Light Fixture from a Geometric Terrarium by A Shade of Teal featured on Remodelaholic


Next I drilled holes for the ceiling hooks, 1 in the center of the room and 1 in the corner. Then I inserted the hook into the ceiling and screwed it tight.

DIY Light Fixture from a Terrarium by A Shade of Teal featured on Remodelaholic

I then hung the rope cord by the rings to make sure the cord was the right height over my desk.tip to hang a pendant light with a thick rope cord

Finally, I added my clear Edison style bulb and we were good to go!

Terrarium to Pendant Light

Here’s with & without the light on.

How to Make a Light Fixture from a Terrarium by A Shade of Teal featured on Remodelaholic

This was such an easy DIY fix and I love it so much!

DIY geometric light fixture (no electrical work needed)
How to Turn a Terrarium into a Light Fixture
Here’s the cost breakdown:

Geo Glass Terrarium- $39.99
Rope Sway Kit- $34.99
Edison Bulb- $7.50
Total with Taxes- $85

For a similar option it could cost about $160, like this light fixture.

Here’s a picture of my Office all completed, the best part is this fixture actually puts off a lot of light.

rustic office makeover with a DIY geometric pendant light made from a terrarium
Thanks for checking out my project, and I hope you’ve found this DIY tutorial helpful and inspiring! Check out more projects on my blog A Shade of Teal.


Thanks for joining us today, Katy! Such a great way to add light without calling an electrician — and so pretty, too!

Head over to A Shade of Teal to more of Katy’s amazing office — so many great projects, like a wine rack upcycled into a shelf, and IKEA hack rustic wall shelves (that actually fit the brackets!). I want to move in! :) And Katy has a very nice style that I think you’ll really love, too!

geometric wine rack into desk display shelf

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