Huwebes, Hunyo 25, 2015

IKEA Hack Rustic Bar with Galvanized Metal Top

When it comes to fashionability, IKEA isn’t always tops on the list for a high-end look. But when it comes to DIYing the high end look, IKEA pieces can make for a great sturdy starting pieces! Our guest today picked up an older IKEA piece for $25 at an antique market and put some love and elbow grease into it to turn it into an amazing rustic bar (with a metal top, too!):
 DIY Rustic Bar from an IKEA Cabinet - love the metal countertop!

Starting with an existing piece of furniture (IKEA or other) can save so much time on building from scratch! Lisa has the details of her bar below, and if you have a boring piece of furniture needing some love, try these:

Inspired? Good! Here’s Lisa:

DIY rustic bar, hacked from an existing cabinet, topped with metal

Upcycled Rustic Bar with Metal Top
by Lisa from 2Perfection Decor

Hi I’m Lisa visiting today from 2Perfection Decor Blog. I’m so excited to be back here at Remodelaholic with yet another Upcycled furniture transformation.  I am so honored to be here for a second time (see the first here).

Rustic Bar with Galvanized Counter Top by 2Perfection Decor Blog featured on Reodelaholic

Today I am showing our Rustic Bar transformation, using an Ikea Varde Kitchen island as the base.

Rustic Bar with Galvanized Counter Tutorial by 2Perfection Decor Blog featured on Remodelaholic
I believe our bar was once this!! A Ikea Varde Base Cabinet! Not bad for $25! 
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