Martes, Nobyembre 24, 2015

4 Easy DIY Gold Prints for a Christmas Gallery Wall; Day 6

Hello friends! I’m Lorene, and I work behind the scenes here at Remodelaholic helping Justin and Cassity — but about once a year I rear my blogger head and share something with you! Last year for the 12 Days of Christmas, I shared this easy ornament tree to hold the vintage ornaments we inherited from my husband’s grandmother. This year, for our black and gold Christmas here, I put together a fun gallery wall full of gold foil prints on old book pages:

Gold foil prints are popular and beautiful, but you can make your own easy and budget-friendly DIY gold prints, too! This tutorial shows you not just one but FOUR different ways to create your own gold art.

Before this project, I’d never really used much gold in my home decor but now I am HOOKED! And since I love experimenting, I tried not just one but FOUR different ways to create a gold art print for your home. And no, you don’t have to be a natural artist to do any of these — I even included a free printable (in both black and gold, at the end of the post) just in case you’re really crunched for time or your creative energies are zapped! If you’re ready to DIY it: grab your x-acto knife or digital cutting machine and let’s get started!

Black and gold gallery wall, using DIY gold prints (gold leaf, gold foil, gold paint, and gold glitter) and vintage dictionary pages. Full video tutorials.

(Note: I own a Silhouette cutting machine, the dinosaur-age SD 
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