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Game Day Party!!

Sometimes to really finish a space around here, I have to have a deadline.

Well, for our most recent project, the living room, that is exactly what we had.  We decided to go schedule a GAME DAY party with our friends, to share our new AMAZING TV and to light a fire under us to get the space finished.  Let me tell you, it has been a long 3 weeks tying up loose ends and pulling the space together.  But finally the room is done (or at least 95%) and the party was a huge success.

The funny thing is, now that the room is so comfortable, it is like we just added on to the house.  We have a whole new room.  Before we put the effort into really making this space an comfortable inviting area, it might as well have not existed.  No one came in here, it wasn’t used, but cover the couch in throw pillows, put a rug on the floor and put up an amazing Sony 4K TV that does everything, with an amazing sound bar and all of a sudden, it feels like there is not another place on the planet that we would rather be.

Let’s talk about the TV and sound bar combo.  It is literally the crown jewel of the room. No, I’m not kidding. I love it.  It has made the room.  This is coming from someone who had previously thought I wouldn’t have a TV in this space, but I have totally changed my mind.

Sunday Game Day with Sony and Wayfair @remodelaholic (59 of 62)

It is a Sony 4K Ultra HD with Android TV® with a 7.1ch Soundbar with Wi-Fi/Bluetooth®.  The TV is so thin you won’t believe it!  The picture quality is astounding!  It has the ability link to your phones or computer or just throw in a jump drive of important family images and you can watch them shuffle through the screen.  So it looks great even when not watching TV.  Our favorite built in option is an app for beautiful locations photographs from Google +.   Actually, because this is a focal point in the room, I love that all our basic apps are preloaded onto the TV, no need for an extra Roku and a bunch of wires or whatnot.  We can watch our most used services, Netflix, Hulu and Amazon just through the TV it is amazing, Smart TV!  SMART!

My husband is in TV heaven.  He is ESPECIALLY excited for the 3D options (I know what Santa is getting him for Christmas) and is already planning future parties around it.

The soundbar, like the TV also has built in wifi and Bluetooth.  We play music from our phones through the sound bar all day since we got it.  Our living room has become my daughters preferred dance studio.  They especially love it at night when our huge 10′ window becomes a mirror…I’m sure the neighbor’s get a kick out of seeing them dance in front of the “mirror”! (at least I do)

But the BEST thing about the TV was during the party, just seeing everyone watching the game, interacting, laughing and talking comfortably in the space.

The space is pretty average sized, but the shape is LONG and skinny.   Trying to furnish the space is tricky, but I love how much seating we have around the room, while still maintaining the open feeling.  We literally had over 30 people in our house.  18-24 of them in the living room, at one time with plenty of room to spare. But more than that we accomplished all the seating without anything blocking our amazing 10′ window’s view of Utah’s gorgeous mountains.

We started with two major pieces that I have had for a while, the sofa and orange armchair.  We had a couple small fur stools we got a couple years ago and they are no longer available.  But that was it, and  even though we had waited for this living room for so long (while our wood floors sat in there and acclimated for 7 months…) the funny part is nobody has been using the living room since because it just wasn’t comfortable yet. (*post contains some affiliate links)

So we’ve taken some time to figure out what else we needed.

First, straight across from the 10′ long sofa is our 10′ long window.  We LOVE the view, and we just can’t stand to block it even just a few inches for another sofa.  Instead we created a non permanent window seat.  Guys, this was so easy!

We bought 2 Thorndike Benches (from Wayfair for a screaming deal) and topped them with 2 2x8x10’s painted white, to span the whole space.  Which just happened to be the exact height of the window sill.  Throw a few pillows on there and this bench has enough room for bout 6 people, I kid you not.  I really love it.  Ultimately, I want to sew some upholstered pads for seats, but paint had to do for the party this time. And it will probably be good til well after New Years, or heck 2 years from now…Sunday Game Day with Sony and Wayfair @remodelaholic (3 of 62)

We got two small side chairs for the far end of the room from Wayfair.  The The Mid Century Wood Eiffel Arm Chair, Color: Nany Green.  Because these were in front of the room by our TV, and fireplace we didn’t want them too big.  Also, we decided we wanted a clear acrylic to not block the view too much.  The tables I purchased are no longer available!  But this exact same set is available through another brand on, Corcoran 3 Piece Nesting Table Set Finish: Clear.  The orange pouf is from here , but you can also buy this one from Wayfair, Rope Knit Pouf Ottoman Color: Burnt Orange.  My daughter Lydia brought in her faux orchid to decorate the table… it was too sweet to move!Sunday Game Day with Sony and Wayfair @remodelaholic (18 of 62)The retro clock was a gift from my sister and niece.  They found it at a garage sale and it makes the space feel legit Mid century!  The drapes are from Lowes.

The rug was a bit of a process, I LOVE bright patterned rugs and that is what I tend to always choose.  So, originally I ordered this rug from Wayfair, the Aria Peach Area Rug which is beautiful and I still love!  (progress shot below)  However, when I tired it in the space, the drapes and the rug competed a little too much.  It just felt too loud for the room, even though the rug is beautiful I decided to try and find another home for it in my house.  Here is a quick shot of the first rug in place.

IMG_2542Ultimately with our deadline(party) creeping up fast I ran to a local store for a big puffy neutral rug (technically I used two side by side, to create an 10’x 14′ rug) I am planning on having my carpet guy seam them together…).  Then, to finish off our long sofa, I love this new end table, Marina End Table Finish: Aqua it is so modern and fun!

Sunday Game Day with Sony and Wayfair @remodelaholic (6 of 62)We have some fun quirky pieces throughout, which makes me smile.  I found a danish modern lamp on Etsy, an old set of gym lockers from a local antique mall, a cute new bucket, Antique Revival Vintage Wooden Wash Bucket from Wayfair- to hold magazines, and some deer antlers from Craig’s list (although I have a fun idea for these for later… so they may get moved!)

Sunday Game Day with Sony and Wayfair @remodelaholic (20 of 62)So the party!  We set up quite the feast (and a table for the kids in our kitchen to protect the furniture and rug)!  We were so excited to share it with our friends after all the work we’d put into the space!

Game Day with Sony!

Game Day party with SonyNo need to reinvent the wheel here, there were SO many great free printables were available for the party, mostly I used Three Little Monkey’s Studio’s printables, so check them out!  Also I pinned a million fun ideas, so check out “Game Day” my pinterest board for great party ideas!

Sunday Game Day with Sony and Wayfair @remodelaholic (46 of 62)

Sunday Game Day with Sony and Wayfair @remodelaholic (45 of 62)

Sunday Game Day with Sony and Wayfair @remodelaholic (43 of 62)

After stuffing ourselves (and I guess that sort of continued throughout the night…)

Sunday Game Day with Sony and Wayfair @remodelaholic (39 of 62)

Sunday Game Day with Sony and Wayfair @remodelaholic (42 of 62)

It was time to watch the game!  In the low light it is hard to get great pictures, but everyone was having lots of fun talking, watching or eating!

Sunday Game Day with Sony and Wayfair @remodelaholic (34 of 62)

Sunday Game Day with Sony and Wayfair @remodelaholic (35 of 62)

Sunday Game Day with Sony and Wayfair @remodelaholic (58 of 62)

Sunday Game Day with Sony and Wayfair @remodelaholic (56 of 62)

Sunday Game Day with Sony and Wayfair @remodelaholic (59 of 62)

Do you have any fun Game nights planned?  Friendsgiving?  Holiday Parties? 3D Movie parties?  Let me know your upcoming plans!  And be sure to check out Sony and Wayfair for great products!  *Thanks to Sony and Wayfair for partnering with me on this post.  All opinions are my own, and I am so glad to call this room my own!

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